The beautiful girl

The Beautiful Girl, Hannah Hoch, 1920

Article 109 of the Weimar Constitution granted women of the Weimar Republic the right to vote. It was 1919 when women were able to vote for the first time in Germany. In 1920 Hannah Hoch creates The Beautiful Girl that refers to this new-found freedom the Weimar Constitution gave to women. Nonetheless, Hannah Hoch struggled to find her place in the dadaist movement. When asked about sexism and the dada movement she stated the following:

None of these men where satisfied with just an ordinary woman. But neither were they included to abandon the conventional male/masculine morality toward the woman. Enlightened by Freud, in protest against the old generation.. they all desired this “New Woman” and her groundbreaking will to freedom. But -they more or less brutally rejected the notion that they, too, had to adopt new attitudes.. This led to these truly Strinbergian dramas that typified the private lives of these men.

HAnnah hoch