Paintings that inspired cinema

This is the return of a very well loved series, this time by our very own cinema geek, Gogo Dalli! Gogo, a friend and talented writer shares her very own take on Films Worth Watching, this time totally art related!

Paintings, easels and paints shake on the big screen, creating new artistic stories. What happens when the arts get married? Little wonders.

1.  The Portrait of Dorian Gray (1945)

Based on Oscar Wilde’s homonymous novel, Albert Luyin’s film narrates the legendary story of Dorian Gray who sold his soul to the devil, yielding to the passions and pleasures of his youth. The portrait of Dorian Gray stands as irrefutable proof of his corrupt soul, which is getting older instead.

The painting depicting Dorian Gray at a young age was painted by Enrico Medina, while the portrait of the aging Gray, who adorns the Art Institute of Chicago, was taken by Ivan Le Loren Albright to paint for about a year.

The film was nominated for three Oscars winning that black and white photo. It is worth ,mentioninh that although the film was shot in black and white photography, the scenes with the portrait are colorful.

2. The girl with a pearl earring (2003)

A well-known painting by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer was the inspiration for the film “The Girl with the Pearl Earring”, directed by Peter Weber, starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Ferth.

According to art historians, the portrait girl is either the 16-year-old daughter of Maria who often posed as a model or the young maid, Garrett, with whom she lived a rather banned Platonic love because of their great age difference. This version was based on the novel by Tracy Cavalier and later the homonymous film.

The painter is rumored to have asked Gre to pierce her ears in order to wear his wife’s earrings and be given the necessary light to complete the painting. Vermeer’s works were distinguished for the use of light, as light itself created

3. Big eyes (2014)

Margaret Keen painted in the basement of her home pictures of children, women or animals with their big eyes. However, no painting has been signed. Walter Keane’s husband made sure to sign them and sell them as his own in the mass media. Following their divorce, a lawsuit broke out between them over the copyright of her work.

The true story of the painter was conveyed to the big screen by longtime fan of her work Tim Burton starring Amy Adams, who won the Golden Globe for her performance.

4. Goldfinch (2019)

Can a table change your life? In the case of Donna Tart’s novel, Fabregius’ “Goldfinch” leads the young Thyor to adulthood, illegality, and ultimately redemption, engaging him in a paradoxical game of survival and loss.

Rebrand’s talented student, Karel Fabriceus, with his tiny board created a kind of optical illusion, with a light background that could be attached to any wall that could be hung. At that time, cardigans were popular pets who could easily learn tricks to entertain their owners.

The homonymous movie, released in theaters in 2019, starring Ansel Elgort, Nicole Kidman and Sarah Paulson, recounts Tart’s award-winning story marrying art with loss.

5. The portrait of a woman in fire (2019)

At the end of the 18th century, a painter undertook to paint the wedding portrait of a young girl. Celine Siamas delivers a commendable queer love story between two women trying to find a place in a male-dominated society. The easel that separates them is both the cause and the barrier to the bond that develops between them. The portrait changes colors and looks as emotions develop, emphasizing love as a source of inspiration in the work of the creator.

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