The unexpectedly good photos of a Nobel Prize winner!

They say good ideas come when you least expect it… This article comes as a result of a jolly coincidence at work. On Friday, I stumbled upon a photo album that struck a chord in my heart. It was so unexpectedly good that I took it home for the weekend with one thought in mind: a new article on photography. 

See, I don’t think that I get too many chances to surprise you with my posts. Mainly because there aren’t too many Greek photographers that are well known to the public eye. But this photographer, you definitely know. It’s one of the two Greeks that have won the Nobel Prize. George Seferis.

He was known for his poems, but his photo skills were just as good. His wife, Maro Seferi took the initiative to showcase his photos after his death. Photography was something Seferis did for fun. Few people knew about it except for his really close friends and family. However, from what you can see from his first album, his work can easily pass as one of a professional photographer.

The composition, the way his subjects are almost always in the centre of the frame and his use of light are impressive. His photos are for the most part portraits of loved-ones and landscapes taken during travel, holidays or ordinary weekdays. Seferis had a camera with him at all times. This resulted in thousand black and white photos that have been gifted to the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation. Even though Seferis wrote all the time, he didn’t write a single sentence on his relationship to photography. Maybe this is why his photos are so powerful on their own. They act as a wonderful addition to his poems.