If you’re an Art Stories fan, you will know that writing is our jam! We love bringing to you the best of the art world with a fresh perspective which is always shaped by hours of research (literaly!).

Art is not all serious though and we are certainly not doing all this writing for strictly educational purposes only. We want our readers to have access to works of art almost daily, as this is something we crave ourselves. It is for this purpose that we are starting The Art Fix, a tri-weekly column that will be featuring some of our favorite works of art, both old and new! It’s is going to be all about the works so the writing will be minimal, so that all of us art junkies out there can trully savour each piece!

Woman beside the water, Henri Matisse, Oil on Canvas, 1905

We are starting with a Henri Matisse theme this week. If you are an art junkie like us or a museum goer, there is no way that you haven’t heard of his name. Henri Matisse, born in 1869, studied law and worked as a court administrator but art won him over and he gave up his career to become an artist. He was one of the leaders of fauvism, a short-lived art movement that was characterized by the use of vivid colours. His paper cut-outs, created when he was very old and bed-bound, have made art history and are still considered as iconic works of art. Stay tuned for two more works by Matisse on Wednesday and Friday!