5+1 links for your early fall reading

It’s the start of a new month again! What does that mean for us here on The Art Stories? A brand new selection of (new and old) links for the month! You can bookmark them, save them temporarily or simply browse the stories to see if there is anything that sparks your interest.

Since we haven’t had a new Women in Art installment in quite a while on The Art Stories it’s almost obligatory to highlight a story about the book Daily Rituals: Women at Work that includes the morning routines of not one but 143 morning routines of women artists. Just like we would expect these routines range from almost ordinary to utterly crazy. We can’t say more on the subject, though. You will have to read the article to find out.

The New York Times just published an article on the revival of the Athens Riviera. From Island to Faliro and the long anticipated Restoration Project designed by Renzo Piano, the coastal part of Athens is going to be attracting investors and foreign visitors in the next few years. This article is an interesting read for those unfamiliar with the current state of affairs at the Athens Riviera.

If you are interested in racism and white priviledge, you will find this disussion on the blog of the Aperture magazine very interesting. It touches on how racial prejudice has sipped through the content of National Geographic, one of the biggest publications in the world. This story is crucial because it unveils how racism was everywhere in the media and how the images that we see eventually influence our views.

Japanese art and design hold a special place in our hearts. We’re very excited to write more about it in the future. For the time being though, reading this post will be our Japanese fix for the day. Awazu Kiyoshi’s innovative designs could easily pass as recent work, as Kiyoshi’s aesthetic is fragmented and graphic, way ahead of his time.

We wouldn’t be honoring our legal roots if we didn’t mention this story about a man that stole a painting State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow! He claimed that he removed the painting to cause a stir. That, he clearly did. But he, also, got himself into trouble and now he’s in jail. Head to the website of The Art Newspaper to read more about it.

And now the +1 link we casually mentioned at the title. Just kidding, we’re never casual around here. If you’re fluent in Greek check out this article from elculture that has a great proposal for the upcoming Friday night! On the 4th of October a lot of galleries are having a Gallery Night, so you can get to enjoy their exhibits until midnight! See you there?