Tony Hawk releases a skate part at 51 and we’re shook!

Tony Hawk, skate legend and father of six just released his last skate part on July 27th. After winning skateboarding championships for twenty years, Tony Hawk is a household name. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 was one of the best selling games of the early 2000’s, making everyone want to land a kickflip. He has even skated the White House! What more could a skateboarder do to make the crowds flip out?

Tony Hawk’s tweet about the skate session in the White House in 2009

Well, releasing a skate part at age 51 is definitely a head-turner. And not an easy one. Battle Commander is part of a series of skate videos by the Berrics. Noone would be a better fit for the series, than the skate god that is Tony. Except for his own tricks, you will, also, watch his kids doing a line or two with some of their friends. From kickflips and tre’s to lip slides and an ollie over a four-stair, Hawk does it all in Battle Commander, proving to us that despite his age, he can still skate a rail. He will sure be in the Pantheon of skate for his 900’s. Check out the skate part and the behind the scenes (or briefing, as it was titled) that were released by the Berrics Youtube Channel yesterday.