Law school – Myths Vs Reality

Have you ever seen those memes that are always going around about law school?

Have you ever wondered if they’re any accurate? I know I have.

Well, it’s about time we debunk them. Or not. And when I say we, I mean me and you, because I hope there is still someone out there that reads this blog. (Just kidding, I see you. Hiii!) If you’re planning on taking this blog post seriously, you’ve come to the wrong place, but you’ll have your fun nonetheless (I guess).

Myth #1: We’re all nerds.

Well, given that you have to be a straight A student and excel in your exams, it’s kind of difficult not to be a nerd. But when in law school, you can see all the different types of nerds that there are in this world. It’s actually pretty funny. There are the true law-or-die book nerds who go to classes all day and study all night, the student athletes (who are usually really good-looking), the really into-politics nerds, the trying-too hard not to be a nerd nerds (which is pretty much everyone, including me) and the cool kids (which are non-existent; we are still in law school guys!). The problem with the last category is that they are usually dorks.

Myth #2: We can’t lose an argument

We always seem to lose arguments with our siblings. Enough said.

Myth #3: We love to read

Everyone gets into law school loving studying, even though they can be really tired after their exams. By the time you are in your fourth year, studying is the thing you love to hate or hate to love, depending on the time of the year you find yourself throwing the civil code on the wall.

Myth #4: We are competitive

Can’t help but answer with a relevant meme here. b0299f41e21ae09e725ef9afe71e4e1d--law-school-humor-school-memes.jpg

Don’t read the hunger games. Come to law school, it’s so much better and FUNNIER.

Myth #5: We have all the answers

I’m sorry but, haven’t you heard it already? It depends. 

Myth #6: We find comfort in I fought the law by the Clash and think we’re bad-ass.

What? Is it just me?

If you’ve got any other myths you want me to adress, comment below. But chances are, they’re probably as legit as my dog (I don’t have one).

See you on the flip side or in law school.