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Barcelona is a beautiful city, with a very lively atmosphere, a lot of tourists and bikes. It has wide streets and great museums. You can’t help but feel mesmerized by the views from Parc Guell and the Montjuic Castle. I visited it in April left with the impression that you can live eternally carefree there. Who wouldn’t want to spend their free time eating paella, patatas bravas and drinking sangria? It can’t get better than this, especially when you’re there with friends. I had the best time and can’t wait to go back when the time’s right. But for now, I leave you with some of the photos I took when I was there, always on black and white 35 mm film.

Gothic quarter 
Museum of Contemporary Art
Museum of Contemporary Art
Museum of Contemporary Art 
Sagrada Familia
Montjuic Castle


Hope you enjoyed them. 

Have you visited Barcelona? If yes, what were your impressions? 

Till next time,



Disclaimer: All photos are taken by me.




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