Street photography in Athens

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It’s been two months now and I’m stoked to finally talk about it. This autumn I wanted to try something different. Do something creative. And I took up photography. And –honestly– it has exceeded my expectations. We get to know all about the how-to’s of taking great pictures, but also talk about famous photographers from all over the world. It’s an exciting new world and I’m really into it.

Sadly, I’ll have to miss half the classes (you’ll find out why sooner than you think) but that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop taking photos. I’ll probably end up shooting more than I do now. So why not show you what these two months were all about?



As you can see, I only shoot in black and white (I’m using a Nikon 35 mm slr film camera). We develop the films by ourselves in the darkroom and print photos the old fashioned way. It’s much more interesting, getting to know how photos were done all this time, up until a few years ago. You learn to appreciate a great photo and take in account the effort that photographers put into it.

Shooting on the street is undoubtedly audacious. Who would have thought? Especially if you’re taking pictures of strangers. People in Athens are not very camera-friendly, not exactly camera-shy. They tend to look at you suspiciously, stare at your camera or even question you if you’re taking pictures without hiding it. It’s all part of the game and you get a thrill out of it.

In the end, it’s about looking at things with a different perspective, trying to make something different off an everyday scene.

Are you interested in photography? In what way? Let me know in the comments.

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Disclaimer: All photos contained in this post are mine.



  1. Δεν εχω ασχοληθεί ιδιαίτερα αλλά μου αρέσουν κι εμένα πολύ οι ασπρόμαυρες φωτογραφίες και κυρίως ανθρώπων στους δρόμους.Πολλές φορές περνώντας απο κάπου λέω “αυτό θα’θελα να το φωτογραφήσω” αλλά σπάνια το κάνω,δεν ξέρω γιατί..


  2. Κάποτε έκανα λίγα μαθήματα φωτογραφίας αλλά τότε δεν έμαθα όσα θα ήθελα, ούτε εξασκήθηκα τρομερά… Με την πρώτη ευκαιρία θα ήθελα να ξανά κάνω κάποια μαθήματα.


    1. Είναι πολύ ωραία! Και ειδικά όταν περνάει σιγά-σιγά ο καιρός και εφαρμόζεις περισσότερο αυτά που μαθαίνεις, αλλά θέλει πολύ υπομονή 🙂

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