Dream City


It was one of those moments when inspiration hits you at one in the morning. I wanted to write about art. Photography or maybe painting. What about Claude Monet or Wassily Kandinsky? So I started browsing through some of my favorite paintings, intending to write a post about Monet, when I stumbled upon this wonder and the impressive work of Paul Klee.

His name did ring a bell to me, but I didn’t think that he could be the creator of the Cat and Bird (google it, you have probably seen it). I wish I had done some research on him sooner, because I can’t think of one reason why I wouldn’t want to have a poster of one of his paintings in my house.

What struck me the most in this painting is the illusion of depth and the shades of petrol, blue, black and mauve all combined together, giving a noisy and lively artistic outcome. Looking at it, I can see my dream city.

Somewhere close to the sea but within a reasonable distance from the mountain. Big. Without a lot of cars. People would be roaming around the streets with their city bikes. Of course there would be parks and lots of open space, so that the citizens can breathe. I can almost hear Gershwin’s Rapsody in Blue playing from an apartment with open windows on a sunny spring day. The kids chase a cat around the neighborhood.

Somehow this vision returns when I see Mit und Gegen by Wassily Kandinsky. This time it could be in a distopian future. In a foreign land. Maybe another planet. But Gershwin would still be playing in the background. And the life could resemble New York, as it’s depicted in Fantasia 2000. It would be great if we could create a city exactly how we want it, wouldn’t it?

How would your dream city be? Do you have a piece of art that you have connected with this vision? Or am I the only weirdo around?

I want to hear your thoughts.

‘Til next time,